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The Jurassic Coast is England’s first and only natural UNESCO World Heritage Site.The whole area is one of great historic interest. Explore and enjoy 95 miles (155 km) of truly stunning coastline from East Devon to Dorset. It offers a unique insight into the Earth Sciences; the rocks recording 185 million years of the Earth’s history. The rocks have been tilted to the east which means that the oldest rocks were found in the west and the youngest in the east. Following the SW Coast Path National Trail you can literally walk through time along the coast.

Weymouth Bay is often referred to as England’s “Bay of Naples;” Weymouth was originally afishingweymouth in history village but was put on the map in the 18th century by King George III who enjoyed spending his summers here. Recovering from this bout of illness, King George made his first visit to Weymouth in 1789. The benefits of the salt water of the sea were being extolled by the physicians of the day.

After a few vacations here, he purchased Gloucester Lodge on the Esplanade from his brother the Duke of Gloucester. This was to become his holiday home whenever he visited Weymouth and King George III established Weymouth as one of the UK’s most fashionable seaside resorts.  

The carving of a chalk figure of a horse and rider in the hillside above Osmington overlooking Weymouth bay is said to depict that of King George. Created around 1808, the king was said to be dismayed that it was in the direction of going away from Weymouth. However, 1805 saw the last visit of George to the town.

By 1811 the king's health had deteriorated so much that his son George was created Prince Regent. King George III died at Windsor Castle on 29th January 1820 aged 81. A statue of George III was erected in 1810 to mark the 50th year of his reign; now known as the King’s Statue, located right outside the B+B.

Although more than 250 years separates the Royal Georgian sea bather from the modern day beach goers, the lure of Weymouth’s wide, sheltered bay, soft sandy beach, shallow waters and stunning seafront still proves irresistible.

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